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Studio Haus Countertops: a guide to setting proper expectations for a top install!


Square footage of fabrication: When calculating the square footage, you must add 3” to the measurement of the counter where ever there is an edge.

If a kitchen base cabinet is 24” deep, you account for 27”.

If an island is 60” wide (cabinets), you must account for 66”.

Don’t forget counters with an exposed side, that too takes 3”.

Some edge profiles that are large than and 1 ½” thick will require more to be added.

Remember to account for this when you consider the size of slabs. Especially on islands.


Countertops are balanced on plywood. We use 5/8” thick plywood. We choose to use premium quality plywood to avoid poor quality support and balancing issues. This is especially crucial on overhangs. This cost is separate to the fabrication costs.


Undermount sink : If a sink is to be an undermount sink, there is a cost to polish the sink hole. There is no additional cost to drill the faucet holes. We do not do plumbing.


Joints and seams: Another very important discussion is to discuss the pattern of the slab and where the joints and seams will fall. It must be understood that there can be no expectation on the acceptability of the seam pattern without the client making their wishes stated in writing. We ask that either they leave it completely to us or approve the location. This applies to slabs with patterns e.g. Calcatta.


Backsplashes: Often clients want a full slab backsplash or even a certain height (4”,6” etc.). This is to be added to the Fabrication square footage. If the pattern is to follow up from the countertop, considerations must be understood for the slab cut layout. The more demands on the pattern needed, likely the more waster factor will need to be considered.


Waterfalls: waterfalls are one of the most technical aspects to slab fabrication. Patterns must be considered. Depending on the size, waterfalls will always incur an additional fee to the square footage. Lining up the slabs in 3 dimensions is a very tedious process that requires the highest level of skill and experience.


Slab Fabricated Sinks: We can construct from the slab material sinks. This ability like the waterfalls require a very high level of precision and skill. We are able to provide pricing per custom quotes. Plumbing specs must be provided so that we may understand the drain and faucet function and access.