The Collection

This collection consists of 14 gauge stainless steel sinks. These have been hand picked because they are the most desired options in terms of modern design. In addition to appearance and durability, these sinks are appealing because of their price point. We strive to provide our clients with excellent looking products at an economical price.

Getting sinks for an entire house? Or a multi-unit building? Ask about our bulk pricing.

Our In Haus collection of sinks are our most affordable styles. We have carefully sought out manufacturers who can make sinks that are both durable and stylish enough to meet our strict standards.

Our stainless steel sinks are covered under a limited lifetime warranty. Reverse bowls are available. Call 1-888-528-2921 to speak with a representative.

14 gauge undermount sink with 2 basins


  • The first 14g sinks made for residential homes
  • 60% thicker and heavier than the industry standard
  • Thickness and durability of the most luxurious sinks
  • Enhanced sound-dampening
  • Matching drains and flanges
  • Heat, stain, dent, and scratch resistance
  • Lifetime warranty

Modern Style

The 3/4″ radius sink posses a contemporary style and a functional construction that incorporates the essence of a minimalist design that has recently become quite popular. These are an all-new sinks designed with the consumer in mind. A lovely blend of function and design that has become increasingly popular with devoted home cooks and those who enjoy luxurious sinks.

Easy to Clean

This three quarters of an inch style of sink appears to be angular, but they are built with rounded corners. This trait makes cleaning much easier and reduces the buildup of dirt over time. Furthermore, the rectangular shape provides a spacious area for washing dishes, and the flat bottom surface is designed with channels that help guide water down the drain.

fourteen g dual basin stainless steel
No products were found matching your selection.
No products were found matching your selection.