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We provide kitchen and bath products and services for the trade. By consolidating the selection process we’re able to achieve cohesive designs and a more enjoyable remodeling experience.

Our clients are mainly Architects, Interior Designers, and Builder/Contractors. We fulfill a part of their team that is able to provide 3D renderings, detailed plans, and the calling out of products to complete a design.


By consolidating the selection process we can arrange to provide cabinets, countertops, floors, and plumbing fixtures. Thus saving time and money. Additionally, we’re able to consider the technical specifications of how these items fuse together.


Collaborating on a journey of space alchemy is what we love to do. Our passion is transforming neglected areas into architectural enhancements that uplift and excite the senses.

Steadfast and Contemporary

We innovate products that integrate well into contemporary settings. Our advantage is creating the experience one gets from world renowned European kitchens, without the premium of international shipping costs and 4 month lead times.


All components of our cabinets are produced with state of the art machinery to ensure the highest quality and precision possible.

Conscious Construction

We urge clients to select products that meet green building standards. We source locally when possible to avoid expensive and timely international shipping. Furthermore, this reduces carbon footprint and helps to boost our local economy.

There Is No Box

We think outside of the box and have access to almost anything. Whether we’re sourcing rare elements, complex finishes, or common materials, we have the products to fit the project’s level accordingly.

We understand your projects are a signature of your expression and honor the opportunity to become a part of your team.

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Our website makes it easy to add items to your Wishlist and view them together as part of a whole room. Some items can be purchased online, and other items such as cabinetry require a specialist to assist you.

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