Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Contemporary or modern kitchen cabinets can come in a variety of finishes and styles. The most popular finishes being wood veneer, textured, matte, and high gloss. Other than the finishes, some common traits among modern cabinets are neutral colors, clean lines, and having integrated appliances. However, the most notable trait of current trends is the handles. In the past, traditional styles just sort of stuck a handle on wherever. In retrospect, it seems as if designers didn’t consider the handle as an important part of the design process. Nowadays, it is considered to be a crucial aspect of the process, and there seems to be three popular styles amid contemporary designs.

Fingerpull doors

1. Fingerpull. (depicted above) This is where a groove is cut out from the top, bottom, or side of the door. It makes it easy to open the door but, more importantly, it allows the handle to be a part of the design, with the same color and finish. This is much more appealing to the eye than simply sticking a round handle on the cabinet. Often times handles have different finishes, colors, and shapes than that of the doors on which they are put. A fingerpull creates a much more seamless product than traditional handles.

2. Flat Handles. (depicted above) This where a flat handle is put on the top, bottom, or side of the door. This isn’t as seamless as a fingerpull but it works well for people who find it more convenient to have a traditional handle, but it still allows the handle to fit well into design. Since cabinets are flat on all sides sticking a flat handle on one of the edges prevents it from clashing with the design.

3. Touch Latch. (depicted above) This is our personal favorite here at Studio Haus. It creates a completely seamless design, even more so than fingerpull. It has magnets on the inside, similar to many bathroom mirrors. All you have to do to open or close the door is push it. This completely eliminates having a handle at all, and creates a beautiful, seamless, functional design.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets with a textured finish

Another important aspect to modern cabinets is functionality. The art of blending beauty with purpose is the true goal of contemporary designers. As kitchens have evolved we’ve learned how a space is constructed and arranged has a significant impact on how you feel while in the space. So, in a sense, creating a beautiful space is a part of the functionality. The beauty serves the purpose of evoking a feeling. Usually a feeling of openness, so families and groups are drawn to the area, feel comfortable in large numbers, and can create a sense a community. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home. The area in which we break bread together is perhaps the most important part of the house.

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