Kitchen Cabinets in San Clemente

Rebuilding your kitchen and bathroom is one of the best improvements that can be done for your home, and Studio Haus does not take such an investment lightly. We make sure you get the most bang for your buck. The quality of kitchens that are created with our products can greatly improve the value of your home. In a world where the range of quality in cabinets is so vast, It’s imperative that your next project is with a company or brand that has a durable product, a beautiful product, a great warranty, and people that understand every aspect of the industry.

We at Studio Haus adhere to green design standards in order to provide you with the highest standards in bathroom and kitchen design. We urge clients to select products that meet green building standards. We source locally when possible to avoid expensive and timely international shipping. Furthermore, this reduces carbon footprint and helps to boost our local economy.

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Collaborating on a journey of space alchemy is what we love to do. Our passion is transforming neglected areas into architectural enhancements that uplift and excite the senses.

Steadfast and Contemporary

We innovate products that integrate well into contemporary settings. Our advantage is creating the experience one gets from world renowned European kitchens, without the premium of international shipping costs and 4 month lead times.


All components of our cabinets are produced with state of the art machinery to ensure the highest quality and precision possible.

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We offer contemporary, custom, locally made kitchen cabinets manufactured with top of the line machinery to provide a level of precision common to the Luxury European Kitchen Markets. Our added benefit beside our cost advantage from not importing is that our lead times are approximately 4 to 6 weeks. We have a full range of sustainable products to meet industry certification standards.