Custom High Gloss Cabinets

Custom High Gloss Cabinets

Custom High Gloss Cabinets

Our High Gloss collection is the result of applying the latest generation of materials with the most advanced technology in lacquered surfaces. It has the highest scratch resistance in the industry, paired with a clean and spotless mirror effect.

This collection incorporates an attractive range of solid colors, wood grains, textiles, metallics and unique designs. These designs can be applied in kitchens, bathrooms, closets, and home furniture, as well as in interior design and commercial projects, achieving a luxurious modern look.

Signature Box Construction

We meticulously designed our signature box cabinets by using a slot in dado construction to provide superior stability through durable and rigid joinery. Securing each of the ¾” panels together with a high grade adhesive and screws alongside the precise joint method serves as an exceptional assembly system, safeguarding a permanent cohesion. Concurrent with our utilization of the dado tie-in technique, all components are sealed using a polyurethane edgeband to create a sound structure. For designs providing a need for floating cabinets our mounting brackets support over 500lbs without compromise. It is our professional recommendation that the Storm Gray Melamine material is used for a modern and complementary finish to the Blum Orion Gray commonly used in this collection. Although many of these options are yours to alter, including the traditional use of plywood available upon request. You may also inquire to have the edgeband in Storm Gray or to match your kitchens current finish.

Econo Box

For this option we use frameless European wood dowel construction (A). A dowel is a cylindrical wood pin that fits into holes of abutting portions of wood, being partly in one piece and partly in the other; to keep them in their proper position. The box is built with moisture resistant particle board (B). It has a soft linen light gray finish (C) inside and out and is given an anti-bacterial treatment (D). All visible edges are filled with a matching 1mm ABS (E). It has a metal full extension double box drawer (F) with an optional upgrade to a slim profile antracita drawer, premium salice soft closing closing door hinges (G), and PVC adjustable legs levels with toe kick clips (H).  

Edge banding with PUR and laser technology

With our innovation focused on quality and healthier product capabilities our cabinets include a seamless edge thwarting the growth of bacteria in the crevices in which they typically thrive. This is the failsafe methodology made possible through our credulous  combination of Polyurethane Reactive Adhesive, or PUR, and Laser technology. Alongside the health and cleanliness benefits these methods also provide a durable and aesthetically pleasing final result.

Polyurethane Paint

Polyurethane paint creates microscopic chains of resin molecules that bond to each other as they dry.  Upon curing the result is a nearly impenetrable yet thin layer of plastic acting as a barrier to the compromising conditions existent outside your cabinets. This is especially present when applied as a High gloss finish, presenting the best attributes from both. Once coated they become resistant to water, solvents, abrasions, and impacts as well as significantly reduce the wear and tear of kitchen cabinets, extending their life and retaining their new look. We have access to 75% of Benjamin Moore’s paint colors in Polyurethane.

Aventos hardware by Blum

By employing this space saving lift system we can eliminate the need for cabinet handles and cabinet doors swinging in your headspace. This hardware allows multiple cabinets to be open at the same time to put away dishes and restock food shelves without fumbling between clashing doors. The open access systems gives you full view of the entire cabinets contents at once, saving time going between each cabinet.

Legrabox by Blum

Legrabox provides a minimal metal profile that offers elegance with reliable and smooth functionality. Blum’s Legrabox is an industry acclaimed drawer system that is available in both the Orion Gray and Stainless steel finishes. Much like Aventos hardware, this drawer system may avert the necessity for drawer handles with its Tip On (touch latch) and a paramount spring to open with Servo-Drive, an electronically assisted opening mechanism.

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