Modern Kitchen Cabinets in Newport Beach

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Modern Kitchen Cabinets with a textured finish

Newport Beach see’s a lot of new construction and a large amount of renovations.  Many of the new and or renovated homes have a tendency to employ modern contemporary design styles. A few things we’re seeing in them are:

Combining Finishes. Combining hardwoods, combining stones, and picking appliances that have complimentary finishes has been growing in popularity. Observe the image below. The island is a combination of hardwood and stone, and there’s two types of finishes for the cabinets.

A lack of upper cabinets. Lately empty space has been prevailing over filled space. There’s a fine line between having enough space for storage and cluttering up a space with too much stuff. It’s quite feasible to create a kitchen in such a way that it has sufficient storage without too much clutter. One of these ways is the leave out upper cabinets all together.

Fully integrated appliances. Appliances can easily clash with the rest of the kitchen. Over the last few years this has been mitigated by creating refrigerators and dishwashers that look like just the cabinets that surround them. This is known as a fully integrated appliance, and it dramatically improves the aesthetics of a kitchen.

No handles on cabinets. Cabinets that have no handles create a seamless design in any space. It seems like a simple detail but it can greatly alter the appearance of one’s kitchen. One of the many ways we’re able to achieve this is by adding lift systems like the one pictured to the right.

Modern contemporary style is elucidated by functionality, neutral colors, open spaces, clean lines, and elements inspired by nature. It strives to blend aesthetics with practicality.

Common fashions of late also include big windows, interesting shapes, and open floor plans. Some popular finishes today are gray, white oak, white lacquer, cedar, and quartz. The finishing details and furniture are simple and use clean lines. Practicality, comfort, and sustainability are key factors in a modern home.