We at Studio Haus take a great deal of pride in the cabinetry that we construct. Each custom cabinet is handcrafted by dedicated team members who are committed to perfection. As a result we have developed a reputation built on quality craftsmanship, trend setting styles, and elegantly functional designs.

Today we’re going to breakdown each element our of cabinets. We’ll start with the box, which is the foundation of the cabinet.

Our Boxes

  • Our cabinet boxes have a 3/4 inch thick plywood core. Including the top of the box, we do not use stretchers.

  • We create strong boxes modeled after European construction. This means that the entire cabinet system can withstand being moved. If you leave your property you can uninstall these cabinets and reinstall them in your new home and they will maintain structural integrity.

  • We use a dark gray melamine finish which insures maximum strength and the highest quality seal available.


  • The machinery used to manufacture our door components creates such a high quality product that our doors have been tested to withhold swelling for up to 24 hours of underwater submersion.

  • We carry acrylic, wood veneer, textured, finger pull, and shaker doors.


For our drawers we use Legrabox by Blum. Blum is one of the finest manufactures in the industry and we’re proud to offer their products.

Designs and Features:

Thanks to advances in runner system technology, Legrabox provides a fluid running action even under heavy loads.


Impressively slim ½” drawer sides that are straight on both the inside and outside, maximize usable drawer space.


Four drawer side heights offer a wide range of solutions for drawers and interior roll-outs.


For hardware we use blum aventos, which is also dark gray; creating a consistent and luxurious design. AVENTOS HL lift systems opens doors parallel to the cabinet. It works great in kitchens with high ceilings, and it is designed to not damage crown moldings. It gives easier access to all areas of the cabinet, the doors stay open at any height and close silently.