Drawer Glides

Contemporary, custom, locally made kitchen cabinets manufactured with top of the line machinery to provide a level of precision common to the Luxury European Kitchen Markets. Our added benefit beside our cost advantage from not importing is that our lead times are approximately 4 to 6 weeks. We have a full range of sustainable products to meet industry certification standards. Scroll down and click on an image to browse a selection of finishes.

A system with a cubist twist.

When you open the innovative Vionaro drawer you will find a slim-line designer inspired drawer. Sides of just 13mm (1/2″) made from materials of the highest quality offer a drawer with the ultimate in storage space design. The Vionaro drawer sides rest on top of the proven Dynapro concealed slide system turning Dynapro into a multifunctional system.

Drawer System


With the integrated back panel connection, Vionaro features everything needed for a stylish finish. The drawer sides simply connect the drawer sides to the bottom panel without any additional milling required.

– 90° straight corners and sides
– Slim 13mm width Side
– Integrated height and side adjustment, tilt adjustment
– Tool free assembly
– Works exclusively with Dynapro
– Maximum drawer width 48″
for frame and frameless cabinetry

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