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During the reign of King Louis The Great France fought many wars. As a result most of the trees in France were cut down to build ships and homes. The French then preceded to plant and replenish the forests with a single species of oak called “Quercus petraea.” Quercus petraea, also known as Sessile oak now makes up about 80% of France’s oak.  This makes French oak the most consistent in quality and aesthetics. To put this in perspective the term “European Oak” is used for over 150 different types of oak. So when purchasing “European Oak” it is difficult to predict the quality of wood that will be received. This is one of many reasons why builders covet French Oak more  than any other type of wood.

Panaget is considered by many to have the highest quality French Oak. This is why we offer their products. They are likely one of the only companies in the wood floor industry to source in such an environmentally conscience manner. Furthermore, they are one of a select few companies that manufacture the entire process of the product in house, at their factory in France. Not a single aspect of their process is outsourced. Most other brands outsource their finishing to Asia with to no environmental consciousness or regulation.

Subtle Grays

Elegant Browns

Daylight Whites

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