P468 Golden Silk Onyx Vessel Sink


Vessel Installation, 24″ Minimum Cabinet Size, Hand-Polished Onyx, Lifetime Warranty

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The P468 golden silk onyx vessel sink is chiseled into a beautiful basin from a large block of natural onyx, a type of marble. This sink is colored in swirling patterns of burnt umber, sepia, and tan. The basin features a split-level interior. The main bowl is offset to the right and measures 16 3/8″ x 11.5″ x 3 3/8″. The shallow ledge on the left provides a place to set water-resistant utensils. Overall the sink rises to a 4 7/8″ height and measures 22″ x 16″. The bottom is flat with a drain centerset within the large basin. Along the back is a pre-drilled hole for a single-handle or matching waterfall-style faucet. The entire sink rests solidly on the vanity as a thick, widespread slab of amber onyx, seemingly just hewn from the mountain-side. Its rough unfinished exterior sides stand in sharp contrast to its smooth, highly-polished top and interior. As always, our stone sinks are covered under our limited lifetime warranty.

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