The American Cabinetry Evolution

Discover how American cabinet manufacturing – once lagging behind the historical expertise of Europe – has quickly caught up.


Over the last few decades Europe has been the global leader in cabinet design and manufacturing, however, domestic manufacturing and design has finally caught up. With the increasing difficulties facing global supply chains, many homeowners are switching to local American manufacturers to reduce costs and see faster installs. Now, with companies like us here at Studio Haus, you can choose American designed and manufactured cabinets without compromising on design and quality. 


What Are The Differences Between American and European Cabinets?

When it comes to the distinguishing between the two cabinet styles, it can be helpful to consider the purpose of the kitchen. European kitchens have a tendency to be much smaller, therefore their cabinets were developed for efficiency and functionality. In comparison, American kitchens were larger and designed for comfort.


European cabinets will often feature a frameless build and style. This allows for a simplistic look that increases the space and functionality of the cabinet and gives more room for larger doors. Furthermore, the lack of a frame gives these cabinets a more seamless feel.


The American counterparts often feature a face frame. These face frames result in smaller doors, limiting access and functionality. 


Another difference between European and American cabinets is the hardware involved. 


European cabinets, with their focus on functionality, will often lack the handles and drawer pulls that American cabinets offer. American cabinets will include these features, which boosts the style options for cabinets at the expense of a seamless look and feel. American cabinets also come in a wider variety of styles – from stainless steel to glass and oil-rubbed bronze. 


Over the years the European focus on functionality evolved into them creating much more sleek and stylish cabinets. As a result their cabinets ended up being easier to use, having more storage, and simply looking better. This in turn, led to them dominating the marketplace.

The Benefits Of The Rise In American Manufacturers

While there are benefits to both the European and American cabinets, many homeowners are choosing American manufacturers for a variety of reasons:


Companies like Studio Haus have caught up in terms of design, functionality, and quality. We also have increased style options for a variety of kitchen aesthetics because we can also create traditional American style cabinets.  Locally-built cabinets reduce the time, effort, and cost required to build and install.


The many benefits of domestically manufactured cabinets have helped boost the American economy. With less time required to wait on building and shipping, American companies can now offer high-quality cabinet products without the cost and lead times of ordering from European companies.

What’s New About Studio Haus…Crafting Contemporary America

Precision Manufacturing: producing cabinets to accommodate the American standard of imperial measurements in feet and inches while adhering to millimeters for European hardware. Elite Finishes: state of the art technology finishes will now include laser edge / zero glue line edge banding, zero fingerprint panels, Italian lacquer in both super matte and high gloss paint finishes. All European hardware. No-Handle options utilizing channel systems and touch-to-open mechanisms. Last but not least, a brand new color pallet: click here to browse our latest finishes.

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