Best Appliances for Contemporary Kitchens in 2020

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Contemporary kitchens often have handle-less cabinets and integrated appliances.  Until recently, although the appliances had an integrated finish they would still compromise the aesthetic of the design due to their handles. Some appliance makers have caught up with the times by introducing “Open To Touch” appliances. Below we will list a few “Open To Touch” appliances that we expect to be kitchen staples this year.

1. Thermador Freedom® Collection

Open Door Assist uses Auto Door Opening technology to open the refrigerator door with either a push or a pull, adding a luxurious touch and the option for a sleek, handle-less design.

2. Sub Zero Integrated Column Press-to-Open

This allows you to achieve a handleless design for your Sub-Zero Integrated Column refrigerators. The first few seconds of the video below shows how beautiful and easy this system is in action.

3. Miele ArtLine

Miele’s ArtLine is their new line of ingenious integrated kitchen appliances that mix in seamlessly with the surrounding cabinets. The oven, speed oven and steam combination oven features Touch2Open, which effortlessly opens the door with a light touch of a finger on the sensor button. Their dishwashers have a Knock2Open feature, just knock twice on the dishwasher and it opens. With Miele’s built-in refrigerators you simply give the door a little nudge and they too will pop open. This is a wonderful feature because enables the fridge to match perfectly with kitchen cabinets that have no handles, which is quite commonplace in contemporary kitchens.

4. Bosch Dishwashers

Bosch’s OpenAssist gives you the ability to open the fully integrated ActiveWater dishwasher with nothing more than a slight touch of the front of the dishwasher. This will partially open the door, making it easy to load and unload the dishwasher. More importantly, from an atheistic standpoint, it gives you the ability to match the finish and handle-free quality of the kitchen cabinets. Furthermore, some models have InfoLight® which displays information on the floor of your kitchen so you can see when your dishes are done without compromising the aesthetics.

5. Sharp Drawer Microwave

Sharp’s exceptional Microwave Drawer features Easy Wave Open technology for touchless operations. Ovens and Microwaves cannot have to the same finishes as most cabinets for safety reasons but it still allows your kitchen to clean lines and match the design of the space. Simply wave up-and-down near the motion sensor and the microwave drawer glides open. With the touch of a button or a gentle nudge, the drawer smoothly closes avoiding any messy spills.

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