European Style Cabinets Made in America

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For a number of years Europe has been setting the standard for contemporary cabinet design.  European design maximizes clean lines and functionality. Full overlay doors are attached directly to a sturdy, thick cabinet box, eliminating the need for frames, including awkward center stiles. The advantage is that cabinet and door lines are flush and drawers can be larger because of the lack of frames so you are maximizing space. Euro-style cabinets are simple, elegant, and provide exceptional usable storage space. One of the things we do here at Studio Haus is make kitchen cabinets here in America that use a lot of the trends that are popular in Europe.

We don’t do this simply because it’s popular. This design is the best option to build cabinets that achieve an open feel. They result in a bold, clean, and streamlined aesthetic. If you want your kitchen to seem modern, contemporary, and/or trendy then you’ll likely want a kitchen that is inspired by whats currently happening across the Atlantic.

Another advantageous aspect of the current European style is high functionality. They never compromise functionality for design and spend a lot of thought figuring out ways to make a kitchen more comfortable and easier to use. They have developed new technologies that consume less space. Some of these new developments are  pull-out plate racks, specialized drawers, organized pantry units, integrated appliances, and Aventos lift systems by blum.  Furthermore, their frameless construction allows them provide more storage space than that of traditional cabinets.

Why Choose Studio Haus?


Collaborating on a journey of space alchemy is what we love to do. Our passion is transforming neglected areas into architectural enhancements that uplift and excite the senses.

Steadfast and Contemporary

We innovate products that integrate well into contemporary settings. Our advantage is creating the experience one gets from world renowned European kitchens, without the premium of international shipping costs and 4 month lead times.


All components of our cabinets are produced with state of the art machinery to ensure the highest quality and precision possible.

If you are looking for modern, contemporary kitchen cabinets that are inspired by European trends then call 1-888-528-2921 or fill out the form below.

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