Kitchen Design Tips

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A kitchen is the point of the home where most of the shared living occurs, it’s the heart of a home. This is where we break bread, share drinks, and converse with our family. Many families are often so busy that breakfast or dinner may be the only time where they all sit down and enjoy each others presence.


As a result, the platform of this room becomes a significant stage for home life. The Aesthetics, function, and interest invested in the kitchen design will reflect on your environment and experience. Here are a few kitchen design tips to help you acheive a contemporary look.

Tip #1 – Cool color tones:

Cool tones are seeming to dominate a vast majority of contemporary kitchens. They have a very clean, modern look and can help you feel calm & tranquil.



Profundo (Blue Agate)

Tip #2 – Clean, seamless cabinets:

Clean cabinet lines can do wonders. One can design cabinets in a such a way that they become completely integrated with the wall. See the cabinets in the picture below.



This particular cabinet doesn’t have handles, which adds to the seamlessness.

Tip #3 – Quartz countertops:

Quartz countertops are ideal because of their durability and aesthetics. We’re particularly fond of the waterfall affect on this island countertop:



The absence of a line between the counter and the base makes a significant difference. This is created in two ways here. First by the waterfall on the left, and second by having the quartz stick out a few inches on the right, thus hiding the seem between the countertop and the cabinets.

Tip #4 – An open layout:

An open layout is of the utmost importance. Notice how inviting the kitchen pictured above is. This layout is conducive to a social environment and allows the people cooking to interact with the rest of the crowd.  Additionally, it lets more natural light enter the room. Closed off kitchens do indeed have some redeeming qualities, but the current trend leans toward an open layout.

It simply isn’t possible to apply all of these rules to every kitchen. But if you take a step back to analyze what your kitchen is most often used for, then take that into consideration while designing it. You can take steps toward creating an environment where your family can flourish together. Understanding that the kitchen is the heart of the home is the first step. Once there you can nourish that heart and allow the beat of the kitchen to resonate throughout your household.

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