Luxurious Modern Home In Los Angeles

Studio Haus is honored to announce our latest project.


Exterior Cabinet finish: Muratti 03
Interior Cabinet Finish: Storm Grey & Stylite Mirror Panels
Drawer Glides: Grass Vionaro
Blum HF Aventos Bi-fold mechanism w/ Servo Drive
Hafele Integrated LED Lighting

What are Stylite Mirror Panels?

EGR manufactures beautiful StyleLite Silver Mirror panels by adhering our pristinely reflective and flat silver acrylic mirror sheet to TSCA TVI Compliant MDF substrates using high quality water proof and highly heat resistant PUR lamination. This gives the interior of the upper cabinets a beautiful mirror finish.

Living Room

Exterior Cabinet finish: Fenix Londra Grigio 
Interior Cabinet Finish: Storm Grey
Custom Frame illuminated glass countertops
Custom CNC routed vent grooves

What is Blum HF Aventos Bi-fold mechanism w/ Servo Drive?

AVENTOS HF works with two-part, bi-fold doors that fold in the center when opening. It is an ideal solution for tall wall cabinets with large doors because the handle stays within easy reach. Servo drive is a motion technology that delivers supreme opening ease. A single touch suffices and wall cabinets, pull-outs and refrigerators seem to open by themselves. And they close again softly and effortlessly with soft-close BLUMOTION.

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