Sustainable Products = Sustainable Business

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Respect for oneself and the environment from which one is born are of the utmost importance. We believe a company that respects itself must be aware the future and our environment. For this reason most of the products we offer are eco friendly. Blue Green Transparent Sphere

Two of the quartz manufacturers we use stand out when it comes to their environmental commitments.

CaesarStone not only offers a line of products which includes up to 42% post-consumer recycled material, its manufacturing and transportation practices are central to its environmental commitment.

Cambria: According to its website, its quartz is mostly mined and manufactured in the USA. The company recycles 100% of water used in the manufacturing process and even recycles storm water captured on the property. Environmental best practices are used throughout the manufacturing and packaging of Cambria products and even in its head office.

As for our kitchens, we promote manufacturers that are CO2 neutral, that use water consciously, that are thoughtful in terms of mobility and unnecessary transportation of goods. Renewable energy and recyclable materials are part of our everyday way of doing things. So we promote manufactures that do the same.

The glues, stains, and varnishes that we use to make our In Haus kitchens do not contain urea-formaldehyde or other harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds).  This results in better air quality for your home. One third of the energy used to construct our In Haus kitchens comes from solar panels and the rest is externally purchased green energy.

As more information about harmful additives, by-products, and hazardous components reveal themselves to be present in various building materials. We become more aware of the impact that these substances have on the earth and our health. Not only is health consciousness an issue, but the sustainability of the forests worldwide. That’s why our wood floors are made by Eco Friendly products and the lumber is taken from forests that are properly managed and maintained. We’re aware they many companies are doing more than us to help the environment. But everyday we take small steps toward bettering ourselves and the products we sell.


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