Gray Matte Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Beauty is not always delicate. Meet the toughest Super Matte. Our Super Matte cabinet  doors are a high quality and high-tech product. It took over a year of research and development to fine tune this product to have a soft texture, matte finish and high resistance. The fiberboard used is treated in a variety industrial processes to obtain the super-matte finish. This new surface is characterized by increased resistance to scratching, abrasion, wet and dry heat, and superb performance and resistance to common cleaning products, compared with similar products on the market. Matte colors are imperative to contemporary interior design decisions when pairing products with high velocity colors. The materials used to make this product are respectful of the environment which is important to us and required of all our products. This product will last for ages longer than other products currently on the market because of it’s durability.

Gray Matte Modern Kitchen Cabinets


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