AVENTOS HK-XS is ideal for small wall cabinets ranging in size from:

  • Cabinet heights from 9-3/8″ to 24″
  • Cabinet widths up to 72″
  • Interior depth of at least 5″
  • Also available with TIP-ON


  • For small top wall cabinets
  • Full access to the inside of the cabinet
  • Symmetrical lift mechanism, can be used on one or both sides
  • CLIP top BLUMOTION or COMPACT BLUMOTION hinges for silent and effortless closing


High quality in a convenient package

AVENTOS HK-XS is a smaller, cost-effective lift system for shallow wall cabinets, like those above refrigerators and pantries. Its variable stop feature allows the door to stay in any desired position, so it’s always within reach. The lift mechanism can also be used on one or both sides of the cabinet, making it a flexible option for many applications.

AVENTOS HK-XS applications

AVENTOS HK-XS components can be assembled easily and virtually tool-free. Once the lift mechanism has been adjusted to the weight and size of the door, AVENTOS HK-XS will always open, close and hold reliably. AVENTOS HK-XS closes silently and effortlessly in combination with CLIP top BLUMOTION and COMPACT BLUMOTION hinges.


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