Signature Royale 48″W x 40″H x 5″D




Light Control
Cycle through the color temperature light with a tap of a dedicated button.


Dim the light of your choosing but holding down the light button.


An automatic defogger keep the mirror fog free.

Electrical Outlets

Two electrical outlets are located on the inside of the cabinet.

USB Ports

2 USB ports are located on the inside of the cabinet.
Inside Lighting
Automatic inside lighting via an infrared sensor on the inside of the cabinet.

Anodized Aluminum Frame

Through anodizing we are able to give our products a decorative, durable,corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish.

Soft Close Hinge

Soft Close hinges allow for a smooth and secure 155 degree opening.

8mm Glass Shelves

Four 8mm clear glass shelves are included for you to arrange them according to your needs.

5mm Silver Mirrored Glass

5mm silver mirrored glass is used for the best front-surface reflixivity in the visible spectrum.


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