Miele Vs. Sub-Zero Refrigerators

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Sub-Zero and Miele are both incredibly high-end appliances. We’re going to take the time compare them but in all honesty, you cannot go wrong when acquiring either of these brands.

For many years Sub-Zero focused on cooking  and refrigeration while Miele focused on washers, dryers, and dishwashers. That changed recently because Miele decided to manufacture high-end refrigerators.


Miele is a German business that achieves excellence in both service and quality. Miele gained an outstanding reputation by manufacturing quality cooking appliances, laundry appliances, and dishwashers.

Something distinctive about Miele is that they assemble 90% of their appliances in one factory from start to finish. This enables them to have a very high level of quality control and, as a result, the consumer almost always gets a perfect product. It is extremely rare to receive one of their products with even the slightest imperfection.

A few years ago Miele unveiled their refrigeration lineup to the world. And to no ones surprise they are among the highest quality one can acheive. Their refrigeration is sourced from Bosch and Thermador, two very respected appliance brands.

Miele’s built-in refrigeration will be very similar to the Bosch and Thermador line, using similar hinge systems and offering the same configurations but with additional features and better quality control.


Sub-Zero is an American based business that has always manufactured refrigeration systems. They’re located in Madison, Wisconsin and are the oldest built-in refrigerator brand in the world.

For many years their dual refrigeration system was what set them apart from the pack. That system was exclusive to them and resulted in a better product than anyone else. Recently other brands have caught up to the two compressor system, one of which being the aforementioned Miele.

Sub-Zero was also the first company to make a 27″ wide column instead of the more popular 24, 30, and 36″ sizes. They did eventually introduce standard sizes in 2014.


Both companies offer an integrated refrigerator, freezer or combination unit with a single side swing door on top and double freezer drawers, which has become popular in the design community. You can put custom cabinetry on them, or purchase stainless steel panels. Both companies have dual compressors and do a very good job at food preservation. All in all I would say that Miele is less expensive than Sub-Zero and their product is just as good.

Miele has better lighting and they have a feature known as “Remote Vision.” Miele’s Remote Vision technology creates a link between your appliance and their monitoring center. If a fault occurs, Miele’s client service center will be notified and contact you in order to gain access to your appliance to fix the problem.

However, Sub-Zero offers better filtration and spill proof shelving. The spill prevention feature on the Integrated nano shelves is achieved by applying a hydrophobic coating to the top surface of the glass. This coating repels water and other liquids, thus essentially providing a dam around the perimeter of the glass shelf. It also prevents spills from flowing off the edges of the shelf.

The air purification system is inspired by NASA technology, and has the option of an intelligently-designed internal water dispenser. Many foods release ethylene gas as they ripen and spoil. The scrubber removes the gasses off the spoiling food to keep it fresh longer.

In addition, they offer a unit with two drawers on bottom, which is a unique look over the standard Miele.

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