Why Choose High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets?

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Whether you’re building a new kitchen or remodeling an old one, you’re probably aware of how big of a factor the cabinet finish is. All the main styles of cabinet finish (matte, textured, veneer, & high gloss) have their advantages. So it’s not necessarily about which one is better, it’s about which one works best with your specific circumstances.

What does a high gloss finish add to a kitchen?

    1. Light reflects off the surface of the cabinet doors and gives the illusion that a space is bigger than it is. So if you’re working with a limited amount of square footage then it might be wise to choose a glossy finish.
    2. Keeping high gloss doors clean is significantly easier than most other finishes. Specifically matte and textured. Stains or marks wipe off easily with a damp, soft cloth. If you have young children then it may be wise to choose high gloss cabinet doors.
    3. High gloss cabinets come in a wider variety of styles than most other finishes. So if you’re not doing a full kitchen remodel, and just replacing the cabinets and a few other elements; it’s probably easier to find glossy finish to match what is already there. You can view some our high gloss options here. That might give you an example of the large variety of options that are possible.

Why Choose High Gloss Cabinets From Studio Haus?

Studio Haus uses a technologically advanced product that undergoes a unique industrial process which results in the outer panel having a high gloss finish, and leaves the other face coated with a decorative paper in the same design.

This product has excellent physical-mechanical response compared to other alternative products, highlighting its scratch-resistant, surface quality, high brightness as well as light stability towards colors. These characteristics make it well suited for vertical applications in kitchen, bathroom, office and home furniture.

This manufacturing process allows not only solid colors but also a wide range of designs, such as wood, marble, stone, and many others. A quality that makes it a highly versatile and decorative product.

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