2017 Kitchen Design Trends

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1. No handles on cabinets. Cabinets without handles add to the seamless designs that are currently being sought after. It seems like a simple detail but it can greatly alter the aesthetic of one’s kitchen.

2017 Kitchen Trend #1
2. Fully integrated appliances. As kitchen design evolves, it’s clear that appliances have a tendency to clash with the rest of the kitchen. Over the last few years this has been mitigated by creating refrigerators and dishwashers that look like cabinets. This dramatically improves the beauty of a kitchen.

Do you notice the fridge pictured below?…No?…Precisely.

2nd Trend for 2017: Fully Integrated appliances


3. No upper cabinets. Empty space is taking prevalence over filled space. There’s a fine line between having sufficient storage and overwhelming a space with too many cabinets. It’s possible to design a kitchen in such a way that it has enough storage without needing upper cabinets. When this is achieved the space opens up dramatically.


4. Tuxedo kitchen cabinets: This is commonly done by combining black and white cabinets, but it can be accomplished by choosing any combination of complimentary colors. Notice the kitchen in the image below, the blue upper cabinets and the brown lower cabinets compliment each other magnificently.

Tuxedo Kitchen Cabinets

5. Mixed Finishes. Mixing hardwoods, mixing stones, and choosing appliances with complimentary finishes has been increasing in popularity. Notice in the image below the quartz on the island is completely different  than that of the countertop. The island has a surface comprised of semi precious stones mixed with quartz, while the counter is a nice quartz that pairs well with the backsplash.

Mixed Finishes

Trends that are seeming to fade away.

  1. Granite Countertops: These are still in use but they are no longer dominating the marketplace like they once were. Quartz countertops have overtaken granite as the popular choice due the facts that it is easier to maintain and has a wider variety of colors to choose from.
  2. Interior Use of Concrete: It was once quite trendy for homeowners to use concrete as interior decor, particularly in things like islands. But that is seldom seen nowadays, however, it is still common to see in city lofts.

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