5 of the Best Kitchen Videos

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We don’t just love designing kitchens, we enjoy everything about them. So today we’d like share a few of our favorite kitchen videos from around the web.

1. Companies often create useless kitchens gadgets to try and make a quick buck. These usually just clutter the kitchen and serve no real purpose. So when I came across this video I was very amused.

2. Bill Nye and Hannah Hart explore the science of pasta, from why complex carbohydrates break down more slowly in our bodies to why we literally “are what we eat.”

3. Here’s some historic footage from a 1940’s kitchen that I find very interesting.

4. This is just a simple recipe video that was done rather well.

5. Arguably one of Robin Williams’ best movies, may he rest in peace. This scene reminds us of how important it is to use one’s imagination as we grow old.

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